Welcome to my photography blog! My daughter, Kaleigh, is the reason I fell in love with photography and decided to turn my passion into my business. I wanted to capture and hold onto those little moments in life. Get comfy and stay awhile! Contact me to set up session. I can't wait! Located in Douglas, WY

Easter Bunnies

March 27, 2013
I thought I'd share with you all my little Easter bunnies. The look in their eyes says it all... mom are we really doing another photo shoot?? Poor things... :)


Most of you already know... I've relocated to Douglas, WY. After living as a long distance family for 2 years we finally were able to make the move. All the pieces fell into place. It feels so good to be back with my husband. My kids have their dad again and I have my best friend back. I have mixed feelings about being away from home (Idaho). I love it there so much! I will miss my family there and of course my wonderful clients! However... the possibilities that await me in Wyoming are great. I'm super excited to meet new clients and share my passion of photography with this area! 

To set up a session with me:
Phone: 208-716-5554
Email: hd.photo@hotmail.com

Maxten & Tragen

February 16, 2013
Photographing children is so dear to my heart. Tragen is almost 4 years old and he has a brand new baby brother. Look at those feet! They grow so fast!

Sabin Family

January 27, 2013
Are they not the most beautiful family? Sadie and I go way back.. to working nights on labor and delivery. I sure love that girl. When Sadie isn't busy working and being a mother to two adorable little kids... she is working her magic over at www.simplysadiejane.com. She's amazing! 

Jagger & Oaklee

January 22, 2013
These two cuties have birthdays about 2 days apart. ADORABLE. I love photographing kids. They sure keep me on my toes, but the images are priceless and so special. 

New Backdrops

January 04, 2013
I've got a bunch of new backdrops! Call or email me to set up an appointment!
Isn't Kaleigh a great model. She has that... seriously mom... look on her face. :)
SOOC: Straight out of camera, no edits have been made to these images.