Welcome to my photography blog! My daughter, Kaleigh, is the reason I fell in love with photography and decided to turn my passion into my business. I wanted to capture and hold onto those little moments in life. Get comfy and stay awhile! Contact me to set up session. I can't wait! Located in Douglas, WY

Hill Family {Family}

September 21, 2012
My husband and I have know Caleb and Cynda for quite a while. It was fun seeing them again! There little girl is so precious! She was such a good girl and super easy to photograph! This shoot has me all excited for fall. I'm loving the colors! 

My Kids {Children}

September 20, 2012
My sweet little monkeys. Don't be fooled.. they have their monster moments... don't they all??

Ringels {Family}

Ringel Family {Family}

D Family {Family}

Madilyn {Newborn}

Such a sweet beautiful little girl!!

Kaleigh is 3!

I can't believe I have a 3 year old (going on 16). Kaleigh is my girly girl and I am so grateful to have such a sweet girl with a good heart in my life! 

Kyler {Newborn}

Kyler was the best little guy! I couldn't have asked for a better newborn to photograph!

Kabella and Kaleigh are best friends so we thought it would be cute/fun to take a few pictures of the girls together. Man oh man, I thought it was hard to photograph one toddler try two! They sure are cute though!

Bronx {Newborn}

Oh my sweet little Bronx. This would be my little man's first debut in front of the camera. I am bananas over that cute little monkey. He is the sweetest little stud muffin you'll ever meet. I'm completely in love with him and very grateful that he is apart of our family. We love you Bronxer man! 

Payton {Children}

Maybri {Children}

Mady {Children}

Mady girl is such a sweetheart. She is very photogenic and a breeze to photograph!