Welcome to my photography blog! My daughter, Kaleigh, is the reason I fell in love with photography and decided to turn my passion into my business. I wanted to capture and hold onto those little moments in life. Get comfy and stay awhile! Contact me to set up session. I can't wait! Located in Douglas, WY

Florabella and THEIT giveaway!

March 28, 2011

Check it out.. pretty amazing. What I would give to have that gorgeous bag! And a $200 gift certificate to florabella!!!

Brecklyne {Rexburg ID Children Photographer}

Brecklyne is the cutest 6 year old I've ever met. Her mom and I work together. Lets just say there is NEVER a dull moment with Shantell. Everyone that knows her would agree. Well Brecklyne is such a sweetheart. My little monster wanted to be in all of Brecklyne's pictures and Brecklyne was so sweet about it. She would let her sit down and pose next to her. So sweet! To add a little excitement... Shantell brought a real bunny. Yes real. Kaleigh loved him and Brecklyne was so good with him, she knew what she was doing. I had so much fun. Thanks again gals!

Questions answered

I've had a few emails asking about my 'new focus'. I really want to focus on maternity, newborns, children, high school seniors, and families. I will still do weddings and engagement session if asked to do so. But for the most part I want to stick with the others that I listed. I work full time nights at the hospital and I'm a full time mommy, that doesn't leave a whole lot of room for weddings. Don't get me wrong I LOVE photographing weddings and I will be limiting myself to how many I will do a year.  With that, we are heading into warmer weather... sorta. Let's start booking senior sessions! I love seniors so bring em on! Thanks for all your support, you guys are great!

Logan {Idaho Falls ID Newborn Photographer}

March 26, 2011
This little man was 8 days old for his session. Newborns are unpredictable, but once you get them nice and cozy, they fall right asleep. Everything from there is easy! Logan also brought along his older sister London and mom & dad. I had a great time with them today. Enjoy!

March 24, 2011

Aiden {Rexburg ID Children Photographer}

March 23, 2011
Aiden, Aiden, Aiden...is he seriously not the cutest little man you've ever seen! I was laughing through this whole session. Aiden has just recently discovered his tongue, can you tell? :) So cute! I loved his sweet and funny personality!

{Simply Sadie Jane} Creations

March 14, 2011
SSJ! Check her out! She's an amazing friend, uber (yes I like the word uber) talented designer, crafter, nurse, mother, wife! Love her! And her headbands are a photographers dream prop! They photograph so well and give just a little more umph to the photo!

Miss Maybri {Rexburg ID Newborn Photographer}

March 12, 2011
Where do I begin? I work with Maybri's mommy at MMH on labor and delivery. (Come check us out.. we're a pretty fun crew to work with!) So Bri and I have been planning this photo shoot ever since we found out Maybri was going to be a girl! Well Maybri definitely made an entrance into this world!! Read out her birth story (here). I was at work the night this little gal was born. I actually gave her her first bath! This is probably my most favorite session so far. (besides going to CA for a wedding :) gotta love the beach!) There is just something amazing about these brand new babies. They are so innocent and precious. Enjoy little miss Maybri! I can't wait for all of her future sessions. 
A big THANK YOU to Alicia & Sadie for the gorgeous headbands they provided for this photo shoot! 
(Headbands by Alicia Alee Accessories) & (Sadie Jane)
Oh how I LOOOVE this one. I will probably have a huge print made and hang it on MY wall! :)

((Simply Sadie Jane)) Thank YOU!

March Special

March 10, 2011
Ok, the snow needs to melt and go away. Winter needs to realize it has over stayed its welcome and hit the road! I can't wait for spring and summer. I'm ready to get out of my house and just run free in the sunshine! In my mind it's spring so it's time for some spring-ish specials. I am already running an amazing wedding special ((check it out!)), but I've been asked about doing a family special so...
 drum roll please.......

Hurry, my availability is running short!

FOR SALE: Nikon D3000 ((SOLD))

March 02, 2011
So this is kind of a bitter sweet post for me. I am going to sell my Nikon D3000. This baby is what got me into photography and has gotten me to where I am today. I LOVE this camera. I upgraded in November and my poor D3000 has been tucked away in it's camera bag ever since. Yes, I could keep it as a 'back-up' but... I really want to start saving for my D700 or D800 (if it is out by then.) 
SO if any of you are interested just let me know.  I will even throw in a lesson on how to use the camera. It is just over a year old. It is in great condition. Love, love, love this camera. I'm looking to get $400 out of it. Contact me: 716-5554

Nikon D3000 Digital SLR Camera with Nikon AF-S DX 18-55mm lens