Welcome to my photography blog! My daughter, Kaleigh, is the reason I fell in love with photography and decided to turn my passion into my business. I wanted to capture and hold onto those little moments in life. Get comfy and stay awhile! Contact me to set up session. I can't wait! Located in Douglas, WY

Lexxi, Creed, Tayzli {Rexburg ID Children Photographer}

December 12, 2010
These three are back. I photographed Lexxi and Creed over the summer as well as Tayzli and her parents. These three are the cutest little kids. I love Lexxi and Tayzli's curly hair and Creed has killer blue eyes. My daughter has this little basset hound dog that sings Elvis songs, oh he dances too (thanks Gma, Kaleigh looooves him). The kids thought he was great and he was our secret weapon for getting them to look at the camera! So fun, cute kids really make my job easy. Thanks again Erin and Jamie!


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